Fake DHC by Dolo : Never ever trust this girl !!!

This girl is just a bad copy of what the original Dragoo looks like while he rides !

Check her fake hair, weak right lower leg (come oooon, the original is an enforced kicker !) => she definitely does not deserve the beer you're about to pay her !!!

(Dolo : t'as été énorme sur ce coup ! J'me marre encore !!)

3 commentaires:

  1. t'as pris des pecs Dragoo!!
    trop bien la blague ;)

  2. merci Morje pour les pecs pour le coup j'ai l'impression d'avoir une forte poitrine ah ah ah

  3. WTF I'm just a bad copy :-(
    So Chouchou it was so funny to try to be DHC for a few moment
    Come on baby the next beer is for you ... cheers !!!